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Work halted

Work halted. If somebody wants to continue, drop me a mail.


Spywar is a multilingual online strategy game. Players can make war, do spy-actions against and trade with each other, research new technologies, hire Commanders.

  • build buildings, exploit raw material, product equipment
  • trade non-human products
  • train soliders, spies
  • collect information, do sabotage
  • attack other countries
  • conclude alliances
  • become specialized in one (or more) type of action(s), war-style
  • communicate with others
  • and the magical etc.
Software Details

Environment: Linux (I think it works on Windows too, since PostgreSQL 8.0 has native Windows installer but I've never tried it.)

License: GPL

Language: mostly English, the rules are in Hungarian (will be translated).
In the future the game will be multilingual, it means there will be language-packs so multiple nations can play in the same "universe" on the same server.

Programming languages:

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